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Keibul Lamjao National Park

Brow Antlered Deer(Cervus eldi eldi - Mecelland) locally known as Sangai is the rarest mammals and most beautiful deer in the world. A small herd of 14 animals was surviving in the present park area during 1975.

With the declaration of the area as National Park and subsequent protection and conservation measures taken up by the Department, the population has increased considerably. During the March 1995, 152 Sangai - 58 stags (male), 69 hinds (female) and 25 fawn were surviving along with 118 Hog deer and 100 Wild boar in the Park.

Basic Information

Latitude - 24 27' - 24 31'' N      
Longitude 93 53' E - 93 55'E
Altitude - 767m - 788m                           
Temp. 4 (January) - 32 C (June)
Humidity - 45% (March) - 80% (August)
Extent of Area - 40 sq. Km.

Date of declaration as National Park :-  28-3-1977
Forest type  :- Moist semi-evergreen Forests
Eco-system :- Combination of aquatic, wetland and terrestrial eco-system.


Invertebrate :-   Many Vertebrate -(a)Fishes (b) Amphibian (c) Reptiles-Tortoise, Viper, Krait, Cobra, 
Python, Common Lizard. (d) Mammals - Sangai, Hog deer, Wildboar, Large Indian Civet Cat, Common Otter etc.

Flora (Aquatic)

 Zizania latifolia( Ishing kambong), Saccharum munja (Khoimom), S. bengal ensis, Eiranthus procerus (Singnang), Dioschoria bulbifera (Phumha), Cynodon dactylon (Tinthou), Alpinia galanga (pullei). Eichornia crossipes (Kabokang). Hedychium coronarium (Loklei), Nelumbo nucifera (Thambal), Phragmites Karka (Tou) & 100 other spp.

  Keibul Lamjao, 10 km from Moirang Bazar, Bishnupur district.
                  Distance :- 50 Km. from Imphal (State Capital of Manipur).

How to Visit
:-  By passenger bus from Imphal Bus Terminus located near Ima Women Market, Nipakheithel, Imphal. Or by private vehicles. Bus Fare:- Rs. 40/- (Condition apply). On hiring private vehicle, fare is negotiable.

Accommodation:- Overnight halt at one of these rest houses is advisable for early morning visit.
                  i) Forest Rest House, Keibul Lamjao
                  ii) Sendra Tourist Centre, Sendra
                  iii) Moirang Tourist Centre.
Best Season :- October to April.
Best Time :-     Early sunrise or late afternoon but before sunset. 
Pass required :- Inner Line Permit is required for outer domicile person and Foreigners.  
Amount Payable :- For entering the gate, visitors are required to take pass ticket issued by the Department of Soil and Conservation and Wild Life Protection. Ticket amount is nominal.

Precautions in the Park

1. Visit early morning or late afternoon but before sunset.
2. Visit in small groups. Silence and discipline pays.
3. Carry drinking water, binoculars and first aid medicines.
4. In case of phumdy travel (a) do seek assistance of a guide (b) use hunting boot and
    carry a stick (c) Wear dark coloured spare clothes.
5. Respect animal and their customs.
6. Be careful during boat ride. Always be seated.

1. Do not expect to see animals as a matter of routine, be patient.
2. Do not enter the park without permission.
3. Do not walk alone in the phumdies.
4. Do not take away anything away from the park.
5. Do not wear colourful clothes and perfumes.
6. Do not disturb or tease animals.
7. Do not carry radio, tape recorder and other valuables.
8. Do not throw litter around including food.
9. Do not swim in unfair waters and don't carry cigarette and match boxes.


For more information please contact
1. Chief Wildlife Warden
Government of Manipur
Imphal - 795 001
Phone: 2220854
2. Deputy Conservator of Forests
Keibul Lamjao National Park
Phone: 2224306


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