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(Lilium macklineae)
The State flower is a rare species

Siroi Lily
SANGAI Sangai Protected Area Network

--  Keibul Lamjao National Park
--  Yangoupokpi Lokchao Sanctuary

(Cervus eldi eldi)
The Brow Antlered deer is an endangered animal

 Forests and Conservation
Forests are thought to be lungs of the world. Conservation of the
    forests is concern of every human being all over the world. Both
    air and water that support life are controlled by Forest.

What is said about Forests
The survival of human life depends upon the survival of plant and
    animal life on this earth.
                                                               --- Smt. Indira Gandhi

 State Animal - SANGAI
 State Flower  - SIROI LILY
 State Tree    - UNINGTHOU 
 State Bird     - NONGIN
VANAMAHOTSAVA - 2015    Forest Clearance Under FCA,1980

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